Volunteer Orientations

Volunteer orientations will not be taking place anymore, but if you are still interested in volunteering please contact Cathie Byrd.


She can be reached by:

Phone: 360-757-0445

Email: cathieb.hssv@gmail.com


Why Volunteer?

Make a Difference!

  • Be part of a team dedicated to helping homeless and abused animals in our community
  • Meet people with similar interests
  • Share special skills and develop new ones that benefit both yourself and the organization
  • Enhance your resume with valuable experience
  • Acquire references for educational or employment interviews

How Can I Help?

  • Help us enrich the dogs and cats with exercise
  • Groom cats and dogs 
  • Help us with Outreach Adoption Events & educating the community
  • Match lost & found records 
  • Clean kennels between 8 and 11 am 
  • Assist in feeding and watering pets
  • Become a Volunteer Coordinator 
  • Bottle-feed the very young animals 
  • Take pets to nursing homes 
  • Assist at the Thrift Shop 
  • Assist in developing humane education programs
  • Afternoon Care for animals
  • Make dog collars 
  • Graphic Design, Marketing and Social Media
  • Help with fundraisers
  • Assist potential adoptees in kennel area 
  • Become a board member 
  • Bathe dogs in our large bathing tub
  • Help with dog training
  • Help with paperwork and administrative tasks
  • Transport Feral Felines to get spayed or neutered